The manufacture of filtered Cannabis cigarettes: uniform particle distribution and combustion properties for consistent cannabinoid delivery. [version 1; referees: awaiting peer review]

by Jason A. Cranford and Donald C. Cooper

Here we describe a manufacturing process for the production of commercial filtered Cranfords Cannabis Cigarettes™. Unlike production of filtered tobacco cigarettes, standardization in the manufacture of cannabinoid containing cigarettes is lacking. The numerous cannabis strains with variable cannabinoid content, differences in cultivation methods and variability in assembly associated with hand-rolled cannabis cigarettes makes consistent cannabinoid inhalation dosing challenging. To address the growing need for standardization in the manufacture of cannabis cigarettes we developed a process for the production of filtered CN using machine-rolled tobacco cigarette equipment.

Overall, it is expected that machine-rolled standardized cannabis cigarettes with control over filler particle sizes, packing density and smoldering rates will contribute to making inhalation dosing of cannabis cigarettes more effective for therapeutic use.